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URL Affiliate

December 17, 2018


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Twenty lines of text full of affiliate links to a lot of different products is not considered a good signature file! In fact, you can very easily be considered spam. Try to keep your signature file under five lines 3) Do not write your own personalized copy of the notice There's nothing worse than seeing the ad exactly the same all over the Internet or e-mail messages E-ten different vendors. yCuanto value can have a message when it reaches the reader is looking for the tenth time? Take time to amend the ad to suit your target audience and subscribers before sending it. Customize it for the ad to his own, that seems even more an advertisement. 4) Do not pay for your own domain name and hosting account even novice Internet users can tell when a site hosting is free when they see it. It is very unprofessional and suggests to visitors who have not made any money online and probably will not gain much from what they are offering. If you have not invested the minimum for creating your online business successfully, then ycomo visitors can trust you? Less than $ 10 a year for a domain name at GoDaddy.com and perhaps $ 5 a month for a small hosting account does not lose weight demaciado your bank account.

In fact, it is likely to help long-term gain. 5) No email capture of their potential customers before sending the product to the site affiliate If you spend your time and money marketing to get someone clicks on one of his affiliate links and then exit from the site without buying anything, yque has won? Nothing! You just waste time and money it took to make a link appear in the first place. Establish a landing page URL for the goal to capture your prospect before sending them to the product site. Thus, if no purchase can keep track of them, and later try again (again and again and again). This can be invaluable! Now that you know about these five mistakes to avoid affiliate, you should be able to make more sales and increase your commissions as an affiliate. So, to go out there and become a super affiliate who always knew he could be! .