Suitable Fuel

January 5, 2016


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Samara company ‘PromStroyInvest’ is a leading supplier of petroleum products of the highest quality in the Samara region. Diesel and petrol supplied by ‘PromStroyInvest’ transported directly from refineries in Ufa and Samara Region. As well as some other regions, in which the processing of oil. The company acts as the sole intermediary between the customer and the manufacturer, providing services for the delivery and transportation of the purchased fuel across Russia in any convenient and affordable transportation for the client. Pricing policy, quality and speed of service meets the most demanding needs of the customer.

Carried out direct contact and work with each client, regardless of the amount ordered diesel fuel or gasoline. Ordering fuel, the customer can take advantage of our truck, saving and at the same time and money. The official website of denotes full range of services provided by the company. Also, there is a convenient form for potential clients On-line requests for the purchase of petroleum products, using which the customer can immediately see the approximate price to supply the desired type of fuel, leave your contact information and the desired contact time. After that, the manager of the firm will contact the customer to implementation of further stages of the contract for the supply of a selected type and volume of petroleum products. Gasoline Cmes light hydrocarbons with a boiling point 30-2053S. clear liquid density 0.70 – 0.78 g/cm3.

Gasoline is made by mixing the components of the primary (direct) distillation, cracking some of its products and additives frvktsy (mostly povyshayushih octane) gasoline intended for use in reciprocating engines internal combustion engines with positive ignition (spark). The quality of gasoline is determined by many indicators, the most important performance of which are: volatility and detonation resistance. Diesel Suitable fuels for internal combustion engines with ignition of the working mixture from compression (diesel). a mixture of hydrocarbons kerosene, gas oil and solyarovoy fraction derived from the distillation oil with a boiling point of 180-360S and a density of 0,79-0,86 g/cm3. Diesel fuel is a major priority in the supply of petroleum products for the company PromStroyInvest. We offer you the most optimal delivery diesel fuel shipment to Russia as a one-time shipments, and planning the schedule for your consumption. The quality of diesel fuel. The most important performance indicators of the quality of diesel fuels are flammability, fractional composition, temperature, turbidity, and pour point, coking and etc.