Strategic Management

April 23, 2019


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A second major challenge for today's manager is the practice of strategic management. Learn, develop and implement strategic management technology is one of the most powerful weapons in the competitive world of today. In this regard it is important to mention the academic Jorge Ignacio Paz, who in his study "Planning and Strategic Management: Future of Empresa Colombiana", published in the Journal 105th EAFIT University, said: "not interested in the content of the strategy and its implementation, it is really a management tool focused. While the foundation of the strategic approach is to adapt the environment for survival and development, this is not sufficient to define the very model of corporate governance. The strategic management is therefore a management technique toward the development of the company in its surroundings and environment, unlike for example the total quality is to creating a culture of continuous improvement endogenous benchmarking as a comparative evaluation process for improvements and organizational reengineering methodology with a new start, leads the organization toward a radical change in the way of doing things .. .. The strategic management has the function … guide the company into attractive economic opportunities for her (and society), ie, adapted to their resources and know-how, and to offer attractive potential for growth and profitability …

(For which they should) clarify the company's mission, define your goals, develop their strategies for development and ensuring the maintenance of a rational structure in his portfolio productosmercados (Lambin, 1994, p. 8).. The challenge, then, Manager will be to manage the entire enterprise to achieve competitive advantage, using all technological means, all information and an appropriate strategy that will allow your company to maintain its market position.