Social Networks: An End To Our Privacy?

March 25, 2013


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Private threat to everyone? This time I wanted to include an article offtopic, which refers not to the business by Internet, if not rather to one of the existing tools that has become almost a habit to use them, Facebook and Twitter. Doing an analysis that made some time ago the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, collected by RWW with the shocking headline the era of privacy is over, the question that remains in question if our privacy so much personal as it is exposed to anyone in our business over the Internet in these social networks or if we can decide what information to present and what not. Basically Zuckerberg makes a reading of how evolved the tendency of people to share open on the internet, starting blogs, reflecting on the success of Facebook and, without mentioning him, reflecting his obsession by the growth of Twitter. It endorses the latest movements on Facebook, such as changes in this push to share more openly social network service. There is a starting point in which I think that Zuckerberg is right, if something internet users have endorsed in recent years is that they have perceived value in sharing Internet: knowledge, personal issues, tastes, preferences, content. Either in professional facets (Internet business), or in personal, the result is that Web 2.0? builds on the return that users receive professional visibility, prestige, sense of belonging, perception of influence, human contact with people who are interested, when they participate and share on the web. I also believe that it is right to emphasise the social norm about privacy is transformed, and it is doing so quickly. Not in the sense that has come to the end of privacy, but that new generations have a very different concern that those we have grown in the pre-internet era. How safe are these sites? In recent years, social networks have had a boom in the society.