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November 24, 2013


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With 500 million users, Facebook is the social network with greater participation on the Internet and a site that tends to grow for days where, on average, there are nearly two million people interacting. Facebook is without doubt a must place for all those who are creating their own personal brand or doing business based on the relationship with other people. Although does not need prior experience but just a little common sense and we behave as we would do in any other social circle, to take advantage of this huge platform always have to learn some things. Perhaps one of worst used tools of interaction on Facebook is the option of creating tags in the materials that we publish. Tags although very helpful, when they are used in excess or incorrectly can cause discomfort to users labeled only by getting expose content determined in its walls. We have all been victims at some point in this not advisable using the option label. For example, when us label in business options that we do not solicit; or in photos or videos that have nothing to do with us.

This practice harms relations which we intend to create because it involves people in acrtividades in which have no involvement, at the time that fall apart the illusion created when someone is referred to in a given context. The result of this erroneous practice and too often is the offense and a reaction that can move these people to lock us in its walls. A result that nobody wants in a circle of social contacts. In other cases, on the other hand, we do not seize this possibility when we can, to build valid relationships that is, finally, after all, the purpose of Social Media strategies. I commented a personal experience: I have noticed that often my posts are shared on Facebook by a high number of people. On occasions they are published about 20 times, in another 30 and some post they have been shared nearly 40 times. However, only receive some few notifications that the post It was published as who share you are not tagging it. Not knowing who are sharing my content, I can simply not reciprocate the action, sharing the contents of these persons in turn, commenting on their walls or participating in their blogs.

I.e., possible and justified relationship is frustrated by the lack of knowledge; something that would be resolved as simple mode with the option label. Tag to someone when we share content on Facebook is very simple, we only have that put the symbol @maselnombredelapersona (no spaces) in our window of status (where it usually says what are you thinking), at the end of the comment we make regarding the post. If the person labeling is on our list of friends, when we started to write the name, Facebook will suggest a list of names from which to choose. Example (imagine that this is the status box I suggest this excellent post by my friend @fulanadetal with this option, Faceboook will notify to the) a person that you’ve tagged in a publication, promoting the construction of relations of reciprocity with this. Finally I would like to thank all those who published my post and I have not known who they are.