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June 18, 2023


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The most exciting news, exclusive videos, the most surprising photos and stories, top news and exclusive now at, the trendy celebrity video portal. Ali Partovi: the source for more info. Is Brad Pitt pulled out at home? Want Eva Longoria to be really like Victoria Beckham? Has a black eye by the beauty doc Sharon Stone? Smash24/7 learn it on the basis of cutting-edge videos on first! 24 hours, 7 days a week up to date to be without having to look at past, you can also smash24/7 follow on Twitter ( or become a fan on Facebook ( shows stars as they really are, because smash24/7 goes beyond red-carpet shots or interviews: STAR NEWS section presents the latest lovestories, wildest scandals, party excesses and the craziest shopping tours of stars smash24/7 around the clock. smash24/7 is always where the stars live, celebrate, flirt or pass them embarrassing gaffes. smash24/7 presented and commented the celebs, style her Fashion sins, the weirdest outfits or the most glamorous gowns and reveal their secret fashion and beauty tips with lots of photos and videos.

Glamorous, witty, stylish and cool smash24/7 makes young entertainment for a young audience. Smash24/7 updated with a new look, a clear concept and a specific goal in mind the young NET generation daily in the form of videos, news, and photos. With the relevant content, in the form of, as they want to read: honest, direct, funny, and unsophisticated. Editor-in-Chief Nina Kleckow targeted personally, under Nina’s ISLAND, on the user by smash24/7, comments on celebrity – and fashion news and posted lifestyle favourites and shopping tips from their everyday lives. While she will get support from the stars themselves. Collien Fernandes, Viva presenter, actress and designer, grants the users of via videoblog exclusive insights into their lives before and behind the camera. There is all this and much more on. Pure, produced exclusively for the Web Entertainment, uncensored emotions – your world, your stars, your news – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!