Safety Systems

July 7, 2017


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It allows you to embed the aggregate into the overall architecture of systems management at home, including fire fighting. Safety Not all independent from measures taken at the building level. Very often the source of the fire is negligence homeowners themselves. It is not necessary to use electric heating appliances, outlived its time, as well as independently modified industrial models, even if you yourself well versed in electricity. Some are dangerous and for residents themselves and their neighbors. Installation of electricity must exercise professionals. Householder should not clutter the interior.

The order in attics and basements well served if the trouble still was coming: a fire service employees have free access to the source ignition. Plays an important role implementation of standard safety requirements. For example, in rural areas consider an open wire – despite the fact that she, of course, does not decorate the walls. However, it is this contributes to the rapid recognition and cessation of fire. With furnace heating should take care of the furnace insulation from the wall. In the presence of a fireplace to keep track of the open fire. Immutable rule – put on the floor a metal shield covering the possible radius of getting glowing coals to cover when firing.

If the home – gas stove, running from the cylinder, the cylinder should be installed on streets in specially made metal box. If the building is a boiler, including gas, then it is necessary to choose a separate ventilated room. In a modern house and needed a fire alarm system, intended for the early detection of fire. Immediately trigger signal systems fire alarm and automatic fire. It is composed of detectors, receiving and monitoring instruments, systems message transmission, audio and visual alarms, means of automatic fire. It is not enough to think only the internal security system: it is necessary to think about what the external conditions preservation of the home. Projecting the cottage or villa community, the architects will certainly lay the width of streets, required for the passage of large vehicles, including firefighters. Provision and space to spread, as well as sources of water intake. Typically, owners of private houses on their own monitor so that the land had not been surrounded by thickets of tall grass or bushes. The fire pond and plowed deep strips (Ditches) also contribute to the security of a house. It turns out that modern "smart" fire-fighting systems are easy to perform and effective. They are the right choice, installation, service – important conditions which must be perform owner to sleep and literally, under the roof of his home, and figurative, for any number of kilometers of expensive walls. But solely on the technique is still not worth it. Comprehensive measures which takes a homeowner to save their lives and property is not difficult to implement – and the result is very, very positive. Press office of the company "Grundfos"