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July 27, 2014


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Today, almost every product can be ordered on the Internet. Only the leap of faith, which must be paid by the customer is often problematic. Berlin, 25.07.2011 – today has become the World Wide Web a cross-border and transnational network, can be purchased in the products of all kinds, including the simple envelope, at very attractive prices. Through the development of the Internet and the ability to be able to send written messages and pictures or even videos, within moments, many changes have set even when the correspondence. However, among the things that must be done daily, particularly in the business world the mail sent in an envelope.

The ability to purchase envelopes or mailers, in the required size and also in large quantities via the Internet is very interesting not only for companies. But the differences that exist between the individual products, are proving to be just as diverse as the different prices of these envelopes. Paper, or in this case, letters are famously very patient and each seller will advertise its product as the best product available on the market. However, the consumer must buy not the proverbial pig in a poke. So it is for the consumers benefit, the possibility to be able to request free samples of envelopes for him on the part of the online shop. In this way he can convince himself directly from the nature and the quality of the envelopes.

The variety of offers that are offered in the virtual world, is great. In addition to the classic and simple white envelope, even envelopes in different latitude and longitude with a lining on the inside are offered. This feed consists of a fine and thin additional silk layer, which is firmly connected to the actual envelope. Often, such an envelope is made from a heavy paper quality, which at the same time has a noble appearance. The feed also rises often coloured by the actual envelope off. Also in the manner of the covers are closed, there are differences. While the classic still uses the wet gluing, the adhesive bonding has prevailed today in many cases. In addition to a high-quality product quality, but also the proper storage for the lifetime of the envelopes plays an important role. The optimal storage temperature is approx. 18 22 C. Especially self adhesive envelopes should be stored in any case close to radiators or heating pipes. Also a direct sunlight or normal daylight already negatively on the paper. The best envelopes with lining and all other envelopes in a box are kept.