Run Dealers

June 20, 2023


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What are the two most common difficulties faced by sellers? Conducting research on the subject of what sellers make mistakes, I discovered that the problem of vendors are following types: the first – they do not always may be appropriate to begin a conversation, ie, establish contact, the second – when it comes to complete the transaction, the seller starts to behave poorly. That is, it tightens, blush, stammer, or just trying to as much as possible less affect the topic of money, and accordingly continues to make a presentation. I really like the analogy with the way kids communicate. While they have not grown, yet we are not surrounded by their rules "how to behave in society, they there are no problems in communicating. (A valuable related resource: Mikkel Svane). They directly and can easily come into contact with a stranger, had no qualms. And it does not matter with what kind of person to talk to. Sometimes it does not hurt to learn from children.

Very well over communicating said the philosopher and writer L. Ron Hubbard: "Man is alive as far as he is able to communicate." If the seller is afraid of the buyer or has a hidden aggression towards him, then hide it is quite difficult: people like tend to be susceptible to such emotional displays, as it causes internal discomfort. In addition, the seller must understand that he needs a lot of talk and not to forget that not everyone will be comfortable communicating. According to my observations, most good vendors – women than men.