May 25, 2022


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Many people know that they should have a website, because they know the importance of using the marketing tool more powerful in the world, which is the Internet marketing. But they really are very few who are wondering what your objective is specific; is the timely reason to build a web site. Like any company in the real world, the development of a website requires the same bases and initial premises: have an idea of what we want to start, where we want to arrive and the way to do it, or what is the same, the company’s mission, vision and objectives. To do so must put in place a plan that covers and develop the following points: defining the target audience: who I want to reach and where my potential clients are present. Convert visitors to contacts or potential customers.

A web site that wants to be successful should focus on capturing the basic data of that visitor name and email. Statistics indicate that a single average visitor will be in a place for 10 to 20 seconds and then will go to less something to draw attention. And we don’t mean the nice thing of the graphics, but something really interesting or compelling. Convert contacts into customers. The task of capturing prospects or subscribers has a sole purpose: to be able to keep in touch of life with that person; unless, it is clear, that she decides to unsubscribe and not receive their messages. Once you already have the data of that person, then begin the entire process of tracking to achieve the much-desired sale. And this is a task that you have to be very present before hiring web design.

Why? Because you must have system-wide follow-up to turn that prospect into a client; in other words, to make that person to buy. Loyalty customers. But neither there ends their relationship with that customer. That customer, if you are satisfied with what you have sold to you, will have plenty of opportunities to buy him back. It is much easier to sell him back to a client (product or service), which generate a new client. By that the enormous importance of the list of clients, and greater still, the treat them with extreme caution, offering them always the best.Another point to keep in mind: when a client write him asking for help regarding your product or service, answer at the earliest. It may be that you are not understanding the operation of this product have purchased, and that is a new need (the fix that aspect) that you should contemplate in the shortest possible time. It will be another way to go adding credibility to your favor to devote some resources to differentiate us from the competition; always delivering more than competitors and having a different proposal. It is necessary to ask the question. What is my product or service that can attract the attention of people so I buy to me and not to the competition? Original author and source of the article