Physicomechanical Properties

February 12, 2018


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Physico-mechanical properties of marble onyx generally similar to those of the majority of fine-grained marbles: the average density (bulk weight) of 2700-2900 kg / m.; Water absorption – 0,1-0,3% porosity – 0,3-0 , 95% limit prochnosi Compression – 50-110 MPa; attrition – 1,0-1,9 g / sq. see Taki indicators enable the use of onyx in an equally wide range, as the best varieties of marble. Many types of marble onyx has a high frost resistance, but to use this material for the elite exteriors of buildings in the practice of European architecture was not necessary (a few cases can be found in the U.S. and the Middle East). Considering the technological properties marble onyx, it should be noted their relatively easy workability, the ability to 'hold' at the edge of the milling and processing (due to fracturing) – in the modern production processes is overcome by reinforcement on their back side. Given the good prosvechivaemost marble onyx, for their apply transparent glues and fiberglass or glass sheet. When facing the wall (at the solution or adhesive compounds) should not get involved in thin slabs of onyx (especially if onyx light tone): mounted on the wall material at a thickness of less than 20-30 mm will be deprived of his depth and partially accept the texture and nuances of the underlying layer.