Parquet Special

October 27, 2011


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At the end elements of the ceiling is recommended to use regular drywall nevlagostoyky as He bends better. Upon delivery of drywall in the apartment did not recommended to put him on edge along the walls, because He starts to deform. Putting it should be flat against each other. Parquet Parquet works begin with a screed and waterproofing of the device floor. After drying Ties (21 days) begins with a preparatory series of studies, prior to laying the flooring. Next, we consider the technology of laying parquet and solid wood.

After the device ties, waterproof plywood, furniture placed on a special adhesive. Plywood previously split into four parts. Each additional sheet of plywood plugs pulled. Next plywood sanded, cleaned all sorts of irregularities. Then falls himself parquet (solid wood). When laying flat in the humidity should be between 40-60%. Then polished parquet surface grinding machine several types of sandpaper.

If the flooring has large pores, after the first layer primer paint, it is better to use a special gel to fill the pores. After that, the other layers of varnish applied. The type and number of coats of varnish depending on your desires. The space between the flooring and the wall is filled sealant. At the interface of ceramic tile flooring and inserted a special isolation streak. It is made of cork, with two sides bordered by a thin rail. Prior to each layer of lacquer is polished parquet fine sandpaper to remove small villi. After a full varnishing parquet closes hardboard. Lay parquet film is not recommended because absence of air leads to the adhesion of the film, after which the surfaces are unsightly marks. Technology laying parquet or laminated board, and (so-called 'floating floor') a lot easier. After drying the main screed is recommended to make a thin layer of self-leveling mixture to obtain a flat surface. Next, fit a special cork mats, which serves as a cushion between the floorboard and the floor. Board fits in razbezhku (Deck) with a space from the walls of 15-20 mm. Mortise and tenon glued to the floorboard with special glue. In addition the board to stick to the floor is not necessary. In the ground near the board and ceramic tile (if the floor is done in one plane) must leave a gap of 15-20 mm, then to insert a separator there t-shaped door. Cork streak when laying wood flooring is used.