Origami And The Bicycle – This Simple But At The Same Time Unusual Things

June 20, 2017


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At all times, there were some amazing things. There are those who can not be explained. For example, the so-called Bermuda Triangle, which is probably the most inexplicable phenomenon of nature. And even now not terminate debate on the causes of mysterious disappearances. In this article we will talk about strange things that are made by man. One of the most unusual forms of art is origami. What is origami? It art to create different figures, usually animals of plain paper. Click Peter Asaro to learn more.

It was invented long ago in Japan. Since that time, was practically millennium. And still it is popular. A lot of people around the world doing various models of origami. Very often even the exhibition of such works. It is likely that in any country there are thousands of admirers of art of origami.

Bicycle – a simple device which Millions of people around the world. His 'invented' some time ago – in 1801, that is, 200 years ago. And until now, bikes are very popular. Their daily use the inhabitants of many European states. But people are willing to develop improved. And some decided to make the new bike to replace the old one. Under most conditions Donald W Slager would agree. Nowadays there are a lot of 'modern' bikes. They look like its ancestor, but still have their distinctive features. Bicycles were invented, so that a compact fold that you may not immediately realize that this bike. But we're not finishing. Craftsmen have even invented the wheel without spokes and chains, bicycle, backpack and even a bicycle with square wheels. It can be assumed that these bikes in the future supersede the simple and conventional devices that exist at the moment. Unusual things were, are and always will be. But now people are trying more manifest themselves. Someone invents a new machine, someone constructs a helicopter. And using the Internet, you can see the most unusual photos from around the world. Every day there is a lot of photos, which spread owners inventions. Often the owners of these inventions patented them.