No Chance For Wind And Storm

June 17, 2023


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New: the BiLO storm anchor BiERBACH solid grip for vertical wooden structures: the new BiLO storm anchor BiERBACH absorbs high tensile and compressive forces and gives a high degree of stability, fences, pergolas, or temporary advertising space. Quick and easy installation, long service life and intelligent design make the storm anchor an ALLROUNDER with manifold application possibilities. Together with the BiLO stake support and the BiLO post holder screw forms the BiLO storm anchor a perfect trio to the design protection against wind and vandalism. Flexible applications of the new Bala storm anchor is the mounting solution both for permanent structures such as pergolas and fences, as well as for temporary installations, such as for example election Billboard, advertising space, event banners, or construction make signs. In the construction of pergolas allows constructions without through montages”the stabilizer through the secure support. The swivel connection tab allows the use of the BiLO storm anchor also on steep slopes. Fast processing Earth or concrete works are for mounting the BiLO storm anchor not necessary: the stabilizer is just per hammer blow completely in the ground sunk.

On the connection tab are connected with the work piece. The long hole built into the latch simplifies precise positioning. BiERBACH recommends the connection of the support element of the BiLO post carrier screw for best mounting results. Fixed stop on any floor regardless of whether soft sandy soils or fixed, stony ground,: the BiLO storm anchor is a solid mounting solution for any soil. The slightly longer with a 600 mm variant of the storm anchor is advisable to penetrate deep into soft ground. For use in clayey and hard floors there is 400 mm long model. Long life of the BiLO storm anchor made of solid steel is completely hot dip galvanised, which makes it especially resistant to weather and corrosion. Due to the missing ground contact on the BiLO storm anchor fixed wood support high constructive wood protection is guaranteed. The BiLO storm anchor is available in lengths of 400 and 600 mm and a width of 100 mm. Visit for more information.