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January 6, 2017


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Over 50% of the world's inhabitants have never made a phone call, this contrasts with the rapid development of Internet, computers and mobile phones. Even so, may be the kickoff for the democratization of communications in the world. Bill Gates wrote in his book "Road to the Future" (1995): "Some countries will never get to industrialization, go directly to the Information Age" and explained that telephone systems are an example of that evening can be from an advantage. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Steve Wozniak. "In Africa, China and other countries in the developing world, many citizens who have used your cell phones," explained Gates in 1995 and added: "These countries do not have to cut a million trees to convert them to telephone poles or tend hundred thousand kilometers of telephone lines only to end up taking such posts and burying the entire network. His first phone system will be wireless. " Indeed, today, culminating two months of 2007, Gates' views have been met. In unstable economies of Latin America is easier and cheaper to purchase a monthly payment without putting a fixed telephone line into a home.

The costs and technological developments in the field of mobile phones make this is a very useful commodity. Mp3 players, and video cameras, memory cards, Internet access, mobile telephony has become a real is also small and easy to transport. At the same time, technological advances and competition among brands make it a fashion in which the old models are discarded without remorse. New and current social fetish staple commodity business worldwide, the mobile democratize, even as technology companies and service companies are largely from developed countries. If you want to obtain data on cellular phones, frontline brands, models, and offers, the site can be very useful. Also find information on Spanish service companies and to choose your new mobile. Victoria Molnar For more information: