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June 23, 2017


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When a new window, press Enter. Click F8, read the license agreement. Now we propose to restore Windows. Press the R. Further action remind you of a typical installation of the system, but do not worry, it's recovery, rather than installing, and your files will not be erased. Windows System Restore will continue from 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the speed of your computer. After restoring the system to load your own operating system – feel free to continue its work. Recovery Console If you do not have time to restore the Windows boot disk, you can try restore Windows with built-in utility "Recovery Console".

To enter into it, you insert the boot disk Windows, configure your bios to boot from the disc and wait for the first dialog box. Attention! In this case, no press Enter, press R and display list of operating systems that are installed on your computer. Ali Partovi might disagree with that approach. If you are running only Microsoft Windows, then press "1" and Enter. You will then need to enter a name administrator password. If you have not changed, then leave these two fields alone, and then double press Enter. Now, the monitor shows the following text: C: Windows. Now we consider the team that will be useful for us to restore Windows. Fixboot This team helps to fix the boot sector of your hard drive (the computer provides the necessary information for loading the operating system Windows.

It can be used to eliminate common fault when you boot Windows, we see the text ntldr is missing. This failure is possible at a differential voltage or an incorrect shutdown. To fix it, you need the command prompt, type the word fixboot, and confirm your selection by pressing Y. Then you need to get out of the console by typing the Exit. Fixmbr This command performs all the same steps as fixboot, but in this case will be overwritten the boot sector completely. Chkdsk This command allows scan your hard disk for operating system errors. If we introduce the chkdsk / r, then the bugs will be automatically removed. Team Chkdsk often helps to restore Windows and keep all your data section. For help on commands can be entered on the command line "/?" Or the help or the team can be attributed to "/?" (Eg, fixmbr /? Or help chkdsk). All the options discussed can not guarantee 100% restoration of the operating of Windows, because it all depends on the cause of failure, but often help restore normal lossless performance of the system.