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May 3, 2014


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More amplification in the commitment to protection against burglary and fire protection for protection against burglary and fire protection the nonprofit network is home safely”a. The Hartmann safes AG combines both topics with their products. What is so obvious to combine with social commitment to safety as our security standards for safes? “, says Christian Fretter, Marketing Director of Hartmann safes AG. So both burglar-proof and fire-proof safes include safes range by Hartman. Additionally, including industry-specific security solutions and exclusive, custom-made are Designtresore available.

Protection against burglary and fire prevention are societal tasks, the successful solution of which requires commitment and proven security technology. “With Hartmann safes AG we have gained a new partner, which brings both the one and the other”, Carolin Hackemack, Managing Director of the network would be home safe “. Risk and consequences of Be misjudged often collapses and fires. Every four minutes is broken into an apartment. The fire brigade in North Rhine-Westphalia in 2012 alone moved out to over 37,000 fire missions. The consequences are often dire for those affected. Burglars steal valuables, memorabilia, and the feeling of security their victims.

Fires can destroy an existence and even kill. Burglar-resistant Windows and doors, electronic security systems, certified safes and smoke detectors belong to recommended practice by police and fire departments. “The network home safe” combines the use of police and fire brigade with the commitment of professional craftsmen and companies from industry, trade, services and insurance industry. Together the network partners offer an escort on the way to the safe home citizens from police security advice on the expert advice and installation of the companies the prevention of plaque.