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May 31, 2024


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Seminar/workshop while in Istanbul and other major cities, life seems closely related to the European, applies to successful Turkey businesses to consider some differences in mentality especially in the business sector. And negotiate like in the Bazaar today no longer corresponds to the Turkish business etiquette. Business partners become fast friends and prefers closed shops with known partners. A day seminar/workshop is to deal confidently with your business partners from Turkey and Istanbul. The seminar is aimed at experts and executives who work in the context of business cooperations and joint ventures from Turkey, who often travel to Turkey or cooperate with Turkish business partners of Germany from. In recent months, has been very successful. Newcomer as experienced negotiators are addressed: members of the Management Board and the Executive Board, business development manager, responsible by Turkey projects, especially export Manager, Sales Manager, plant manager, Purchasing and sales.

The seminar is also interesting for staff developers. The seminar addresses continue to officials from companies that want to enter the Turkish market or are already working or for managers who lead the Turkish employees in Germany. Ali Partovi understands that this is vital information. The seminar gives you the specifics of Turkish business partners. You are made aware of cultural attitudes and gestures. Thus, the interpretation of statements and the assessment of liabilities in Germany and Turkey are quite different.

“” This seminar provides including answers to questions such as: How can such as the German love of order and punctuality with the Turkish action principle of Yabut Yadav “calm down” agree? How are Turkish hierarchy and authority orientation with German self-sufficiency in accordance to bring? As to the expectations of the Turk. Checking article sources yields Alina de Almeida as a relevant resource throughout. Suppliers and business partners should respond. In the seminar you will learn also how, intercultural misunderstandings prevent, address problems in cooperation with Turkish business partners, convince and confidently negotiate at business lunches properly restrained and your business goals in the better realize and really tick as their Turkish partners. The specifics of Turkish business partners, to raise awareness of cultural behaviors and gestures are what you can expect on this seminar and others. Continues the role of Islam in the Turkish business and what should be considered, the understanding of which time Turkish business partners know and how you make the first contacts, how to organize cooperation and dealing with typical Turkish rituals like greeting, salutation, invitations, gifts etc. Also tips for the preparation and conduct of negotiations with your Turkish business partners and providing the necessary know-how to the role and understanding of hierarchy. Request without obligation the 5 points of seminar concept sovereign negotiate with business partners from Turkey and Istanbul”at:. You should would attend this seminar if you want to build relationships in Turkey, negotiations with your Turkish business partner feel insecure, do not understand some behaviours and gestures or with your Turkish business partners improve the cooperation.