Making Dropshipping

April 17, 2019


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My name is David I’m from Latin America (Colombia), began a few years ago my interest in electronic commerce, specifically about Dropshipping and affiliate marketing at first I was fascinated with the idea of Dropshipping since this system allows you to start with a minimal investment if you want to work through their own online store or through auction sites such as the free market, I also liked the idea that the Dropshipping there was no need to take a physical inventory because when you make a sale customer paid me the product first then with that money I make the order to my supplier, the product sent to the address of my client and I stayed with the difference between the price that my provider gave me and that my I noticed my shop. Since I had great interest in the Dropshipping decided to investigate further, and began to raise more questions that left me more confused at first because I did a projection of information that should be to actually start a business like this so I had questions in my mind as the following: – I have already clear that I do Dropshipping, Yahor I sell?

After deciding to sell or niche (which I did not know at first) I will choose to use this system yComo find suppliers who offer this system? – After I have my suppliers yComo my store? (Since I have no idea of programming) – yComo get the money from my customers? (Since Paypal for Colombia is unrestricted and can be used only to send money NOT to receive it) – yComo retirement money in my country? Finally had a lot of questions to answer before you start this business and tried to respond one by one, q I heard there are tools (free) to let you know the average monthly search engine users search thing that gives many clues about that niche choose to do this, and other businesses, there are specialized directories of companies that make Dropshipping, there are other payment systems Paypal alternative that work in my country and money can be removed at any ATM with the card that sends payment processor, etc. During my research I decided a few questions other noa . .