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February 28, 2019


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That the Telekom wants to decide what data on the Internet unabated flow through the lines and which is not a hard intervention in the freedom of the network. We find that unacceptable.” It looks like the State Minister responsible for culture and media in the Chancellor’s Office Bernd Neumann. He says the Telecom plans: such decisions can lead to massive distortions in competition of content providers. u0085 We don’t want that in terms of diversity and equality. For other opinions and approaches, find out what technology investor has to say. It must basically assured, that all providers in the network have the same chances.” (“Source: press release of the Federal Government, Minister of State Neumann at CDU-media-night: no two-class society in the net!”) Consumers get on our platform”a powerful tool in the hand with which they can demonstrate their value as customers of Telekom and escape, says Andreas Schumann, CEO of internetPost AG. Technology investor understood the implications. Nobody needs a protest against corporate decisions equal its contracts to terminate that follow typically big effort themselves. But he can use his data protection rights, to learn what makes the Telekom with its data.

This will probably cause the company new thinking about dealing with data. Maybe that leads the Telekom to recognize the importance of net neutrality.” About user interests EC und internetPost AG: The Association for the protection of user interests EC helps users to enforce their interests. For this she builds an Internet platform with internetPost AG, which primarily two objectives: firstly, it simplifies users their rights arising from privacy, to perceive and to demand. On the other hand it creates the conditions to channeling the flood of advertising in the physical and the digital mailbox and reduce. The cooperative self management manages the resulting digital user profiles, as prescribed in the German cooperative law. This ensures that the sovereignty over the stored data always remains at the user. Depending on the identification procedures receives the user a powerful tool to recover the self control over its data and even to participate in the value of its data. Your contact: Association for the protection of user interests EC Charlottenburg road 65 10117 Berlin represented by the Board of Directors: Christian Merten, Andreas alarm value, Andre Zilch contact address: Christian Merten, Board the interests of users of EC Amalienstrasse 45 RG, 80799 Munich that internetPost AG has developed the SAFE ADDRESS,, Web application. Through this platform, companies and Government agencies can complete the opt-in-generation and access opening for commercial and contractual communication with consumers and manage. SAFE ADDRESS allows consumer requests according to the Federal data protection act with regard to information, contradiction, cost-effectively and efficiently to complete deleting of personal data.