May 19, 2016


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Until not long ago child sexual abuse was a relatively unknown issue. In this sense it is fair to acknowledge that we have come a long way, which in no case should cause us to lose sight of the road that still lies ahead. Today hardly a day that does not appear in the media a new case of child sexual abuse (CSA), particularly related to pedophilia networks proliferate acting and increasingly in the network. True, also talks about other cases of ASI, however sometimes I have the impression that it is conveying the idea that the Internet is a dangerous place, and that much of sexual abuse are related to this new technological reality. I proclaim as one of the most concerned to deny time, first because it was thanks to the internet that have been opened throughout Spain associations, associations that deal with children and adults who were once victims of scourge, and secondly because the network also because there is an international forum that brings operation for almost six years and brings together more than two thousand affected, help, support and constant and accurate information.

Perhaps most important, which should make clear is that the knowledge we now have on this subject is somewhat misleading. The company continues to by certain misconceptions too, and this is one of them. Pedophilia cases are the tip of the iceberg of a problem that has always existed. Sometimes I have asked if I think there are more cases than before.