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August 26, 2011


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But thermal and sound insulation properties of the metal poor. Warm aluminum system with thermal expensive compared with plastic frames with similar physical and technical parameters. Improves heat and sound insulation of aluminum window units with massive inserts made of wood. In residential aluminum frames are mainly used for glazing of loggias. Ecology? No problem At one time there was much talk about neekologichnosti plastics. Yes, in their production as catalyst used heavy metals, and in many sections of pvc in the manufacture of lead is added (to give a white).

But modern technology eliminates the emission of toxic substances finished product (unless it is not heated to the melting temperature, which is equivalent to a fire in the room): special passivating additives make the material environmentally impeccable. In addition, some profiles are now used instead of lead or zinc calcium. At all branded pvc frames are multinational and domestic hygiene certificates. It is better to keep the heat in the house, pvc windows allow to burn much less fuel. This not only saves money and natural resources, but also reduce oxygen consumption, reduction of harmful substances in the air.

In addition, during its existence plastic saved from cutting more than a dozen acres of forest, walking on the production of traditional wooden frames. In Germany, for example, the state allocates subsidies for even heating owners of plastic or other windows with sealed glass units. Plastic windows are used in the West for over 35 years. During this time, experts seen: plastic box – the most durable part of the house.