October 1, 2016


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Sketch of man, by Leonardo da Vinci
In principle, as belonging to infraorden of monkeys, Homo sapiens seems to have his ancestor, with all the primates monkeys in a period ranging from 50 to 33 million years before present (BP), one of the first monkeys, perhaps the first, is the Propliopithecus, including Aegyptopithecus, in this sense, human beings today, like the primates’ old world ‘with more primitive features, probably descended from the ancient energy species. As for the standing, this is observed in some primates from the Miocene. There are already examples of bipedacion in Oreopithecus bambolii standing and seems to have been common in Orrorin and Ardipithecus. The mutations that led to bipedacion was successful because it left their hands free to produce artifacts, particularly because in a hominido save much more energy walking on two legs about four objects can result in more progress and scan away.
Probably when the electricity ESCO ancestors of Homo sapiens lived in jungles eating fruits, berries and leaves plenty of vitamin C, could lose their metabolic capacity, which has most of the animals, in his own body to synthesize this vitamin, already seem to have lost the ability to digest cellulose. They lost during evolution have involved subtle but important decisions: where original forests have been reduced or, on population growth, were overcrowded, the early hominids household (and then humans) were forced to travel significant distances, migrate to new sources nutrient loss of the ability to metabolize certain cooking gas nutrients such as vitamin C would have been offset by a mutation that allows the favorable Homo sapiens an optimal metabolism (absent in primates) of starch and thus a fast green energy and cheaply obtain energy particularly useful for energy costs the brain. Homo sapiens appears to be a helpless creature quite satisfactory heating and in response the only solution that has been evolving complex is its central nervous system. Boosted mainly by the search for new sources of food. It has been observed that cefalizacion increase in parallel with the increase in meat consumption.
The folds of the eyelids epicantico in much natural gas of the populations of Asia and America, which makes the fold ‘bridados’ in its appearance in the eyes, has been a specialization of populations survive during the ice ages resulted in places with abundant Snow: eyes commonly known as “ragged” was then adapted to the way that the eyes do not suffer from excessive reflection of sunlight reflected by snow.
The first major changes to appear on the phylogenesis of species that are the evolutionary line leading to Homo sapiens. All changes listed have occurred in a relatively short period (although it is measured in millions of years), this explains the susceptibility of our species gas to conditions in the spine and in the blood and lymph circulation (eg, the heart receives relatively – “little” blood). I purchase all my energy needs – both gas and electricity – from which has imporved my electricity and gas bills technology for a sustainable world. Moore’s Law … network connection with a power source and a corporate network connection. energy costs have been cut by in their top service and supply of electricity …
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