European Car

August 13, 2016


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And half of the emissions of greenhouse gases originated by the transport occur in cities. Significant are the following data: burn 1 liter of fuel means issue 2.4 Kg CO2.. Each person who uses the car for their travel to work (with an approximate average distance of 15 Km.) so, emits about 2 tonnes of CO2 per year just for this reason. Improving the efficiency of new automobiles, reduce their consumption values and their emissions, encourage the use of vehicles that use clean energy, are measures undoubtedly positive to reduce total CO2 emissions and, incidentally, also the pollution of the cities. But they are far from being sufficient. Very assertive laopinion, that big cities must address a structural change, a profound change in the same conception of the urban matrix. A modern city, designed for the future and taking into account the environmental problems of the present, should drastically reduce the space allocated to the car.

Cities in general, but more desperately large metropolises, must readjust urgently, so that the essential premise is the reduction of CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases. The main emitter of harmful gases in the cities is the car, so it is necessary to adopt radical measures to reduce their use. Viable alternatives should be offered so that those who today use the auto, replaced it by other less polluting means of transport, such as public transport or non-motorized means of travel. Operation and current urban planning has not yet managed to adapt to urgent demands that proposed us the planet. Very interesting the opinun, that is time to democratize the streets, to end the dictatorship of the automobile, is time that people resume control of urban spaces, reducing abusive space occupied by the car and leaving room for other means of transport more friendly to the environment. We are reminded, that from 16 to 22 September will welcome the eighth edition of the European week of the sustainable mobility, under the theme improving climate in your city in order to modify the habits of the citizens and promote alternative methods of transport.