Environmental Effects

October 13, 2019


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An addition Aceria oven must have mills, these with the aim of reducing costs, usually located in the vicinity of the oven, and consist of a set of rollers carefully distributed them on a continual basis are diminishing section the lever to get the final product, it can be wire, Platina, angle steel rods with ridges or corrugated steel plates, etc. it is clear that for each of these steel products requires specialized equipment. It is important to note that in the management of dust generated should be done carefully because these industries are particularly audited and control departments of government issues, so robust is designed for the exhaust systems that purify and cooled prior to discharge to the environment, it is expected that the heat is extracted from these, to be used in other processes of the steelworks, the extraction system also has an additional function is to regulate the pressure inside the sill. The main pollutants are CO2, H2S, the ash, which has serious implications for health and the environment, since both are agents displacing the oxygen. For his part, H2S hydrogen sulfide from 50 ppm has a narcotic effect and from the 100 ppm death occurs, this gas is heavy and droops so she is in close proximity to humans. However it has a rotten egg odor that makes it detectable, even when it is perceived may be too late. These elements produce especially strong opacity ashes, which are used very robust filtering systems especially those called cyclonic filters, which are particularly useful, since it does not get clogged as conventional, because the flow is tangential to the axis of the filter , which causes the trapped particulate material, precipitating the bottom.

Another way to control pollution CO2 especially what is referred to by catalysts which capture him but it is an expensive option and few companies apply. While that concern write on the clean air too, its temperature is a problem, which must be cooled by heat exchangers before discharge to the environment, the heat thus obtained is often used to liquefy the bunker , it has an important application in the heating of other areas of the steelmaking process. It is often also important, control of noise inside the facilities, unfortunately, the nature of work developed here, this purpose is not easy to run, reason seeks the use of earmuffs or the like to protect the person . Another way of minimizing the impact on health is to have sufficiently high stacks (60 meters) in order to remove gases, as much as possible of the population.