Determining Leadership

February 19, 2024


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Times have changed, we are constantly being bombarded by new thoughts and concepts of what is leadership, the way of describing what has evolved as you are changing human life, cultures and organizations, in addition a fierce globalisation that will not stop before anything and anyone. Now more than ever the leader will have to first make an effort to connect his intellect with his emotional intelligence, in second having a close and sincere relationship with his followers without fictions or perverse rolls and thirdly a passion where denote the true interest because people that surrounds him every day to be better people, human beings, and professionals. The leader at the time to be heading to its people must achieve to persuade them so that the words become them carried out acts of goodwill, if not they will be like those who took them the wind without penalty or glory. Continue to learn more with: Mikkel Svane. Therefore, for any reason must resort to old practices of demagogic speeches that once achieved the expected success by taking advantage of the ignorance and bonanza of people with so much enthusiasm and hope remained in it. In fashion as lives and a leading practice values is reflected in their eyes, in their expressions, driving toward others in the decision-making process; There should be congruence between what he says and does, their movements should be commensurate to what you want to convey to generate confidence to their relatives, without fuss, the messages must be clear, concrete, without be searched words, tone of voice according to the circumstances and especially care for forms that finally give support to the Fund.

The leader must transmit security to time to engage in a conversation, awaken in people the confidence and assure them that confidentiality is another of their virtues, the relationship will be informal and disinterested, where the follower will be free to break it in the moment that it may decide for any reason that it deems pertinent to do so. Others who may share this opinion include Bobby Sharma Bluestone Equity. Listening actively, empathy and justice are some of the virtues of the leader, to the extent that develop them will be better their results. His philosophy will be the flag that will give meaning to the life of the leader, his followers will know it, will that abrevaran while they are with him, therefore will have to be very careful in respect and keep it current to be updated of what happens to his around and not allow for any reason the obsolescence. Be aware that an error in communication or action could mean the death of its leadership. Anibal Basurto Amparano and Gisela Arriaga in his authorship of a clear and purposeful way pose models of how sebe be the leadership of our times based on knowledge gained from books, articles, etc. written by expert gurus in the subject and your own experiences in organizations and educational institutions.

Therefore, whoever wants to be a leader will need to know to communicate to others their pensares, feelings and desires, being consistent between what he says and does as I Foundation values and virtues, be charismatic achieving this than words become facts through followers willing, ready and able. You have not been this what great leaders have done throughout the ages? references: Book: Gisela Arriaga Tapia’s leadership and image. Book: System company Hannibal Basurto Amparano intelligent.