Conceptual Inconsistency

April 16, 2019


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Postmodernism holds current era in which we live as primary premise or fundamental characteristic: the truth does not exist, this assertion has caused discomfort, disorientation and uncertainty in many people and this since they would then be without a conceptual platform that supports their actions, in other words its paradigm feels tambaleado and meaningless. It is necessary to reflect, rethink. to relearn and reconceptualizing those truths at times brought back by sit-ins as absolute, the only thing constant in life is change, knowledge is dynamic and therefore in terms of this every day is resized, is redefined based on the circumstances and aspects that comprise it and need to look at it from a holistic perspective as @luisbenavidezy holds, from approximately ten (10) years come posing and refuntando the meaning intrisico, sematico of certain terms whose daily application does incorrectly what they mean. Educate yourself with thoughts from Michael Dell. The first term of which I want to generate a debate is automated, and required that Express since its common knowledge which is the meaning that has for you and you can follow me at @luisbenavidezy, so that they share their insights, is a word that is used on a daily basis and on a daily basis, applies to information systems-level computing and systems. Original author and source of the article