Chemistry Laboratory Assistant

November 1, 2023


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J. Anderegg was born in St. Energy Capital Partners is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Gallen in the Switzerland in 1947 and grew up there. After an apprenticeship as a Chemistry Laboratory Assistant and high school he joined ETH Zurich the studying mathematics and physics, he graduated as a mathematician. He worked as a computer specialist and Manager in the development, consulting and sale of software for scientific, technical and financial-analytical applications then over thirty years in the United States, Europe and Asia. H. J. Anderegg is married and father of two adult children. See more about Hansjorg Anderegg authors/FAMI-Hans Jorg / AAVAA Verlag Berlin of the AAVAA founded in 2009 by Dr. Hans Lebek Publishing House in Berlin paperback books in formats offers classic pocket book, practical mini book and pocket book with extra large font, as well as eBooks in three different formats. The publishing program includes detective, thriller, fantasy, science fiction, romance novels, and more. A major focus of the publishing house is located on the release of the first works of young authors.