Casturina Maria Da Silva

August 16, 2014


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Break-rock, guaran and espinheira-saint are examples of plants popularly known and used in the Amap for therapeutical ends, they exist ‘ ‘ as many curativas plants with quality that on them already is written true treated (BIAZZE, 2001, p.166) ‘ ‘ , but unhappyly, for not possessing one politics adjusted in the area of register of gotten products of medicinal plants, it is in doubt its effectiveness. The necessity demands and science searchs the unification of the progress with what the nature offers, respecting the medicinal culture of the people around the use of products or grass to cure males (ACCORSI, 2000). The medicinal plants had been always used, being in known the main past the half therapeutical one for treatment of the population. From the knowledge and popular use, some medicines used in the traditional medicine had been discovered, between them are therapeutical (popular use) and the fitoterpicos (manipulated) (BOTSARIS, 1999). Of this form through the etnobotnica that if searchs the knowledge and the rescue of traditional botanical knowing, particularly related to the use of the resources of the flora (ALMEIDA, 1993), These requirements can be faced as answers to the questions launched for the common medicine, where field of the knowledge is popular or scientific of the etnobotnica it would have to approach, among others aspects, the form as the man accumulates and transmits the knowledge on the environment, the generation where technologies to use the natural resources (election and domesticao of vegetal species, medicine production) and the impact of this same technology on the relation man-plant.