Canadian Houses

December 22, 2014


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The same goes for air conditioning at home in the heat. In the Canadian house comfortable in any season. The walls of the SIP-panels, in spite of slim build, very Quiet. Insulation acts as a perfect sound insulation. Other leaders such as Dermot McCormack offer similar insights. In comparison with the brick, concrete and even a wooden house from a bar Canadian house is very easy.

One square meter of the walls of the SIP weighs okolo15 kg, whereas normal weight m2 brick wall can reach a ton. This allows you to repeatedly reduce the cost of the unit base. Typical foundation for Canada's home – it melkozaglublenny (tape or a bar). If we are talking about complex ground, the light house – the best solution. Superstructure over the existing floors – and is lightweight structures are indispensable. Walling of Canadian technology to the least expensive way today construction. Not only that material is relatively inexpensive, but construction works are very cheap! Do not need special equipment. 2.3 adults without training walls will collect from SIP-panels for 1-2 weeks.

Save time: short term Construction – one of the important advantages of the technology. Renting houses for turnkey construction season (actually 2-4 months) is not difficult. The walls of the SIP-panels perfectly aligned. This reduces the time and money to finish. For example, drywall in the Canadian House mounted on the walls of the SIP without rails metal sections. This provides a triple benefit: In addition to saving time and increasing fire walls due to lack of air gaps, conducive to the spread of flame, and negated a lack of GCR as fragility.