Becomes More Minimalist

March 12, 2016


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Renovations design services 2.0 does not stop. Robotics usually is spot on. If a few days ago we were on the new interface, we are now coming to another change, but this time on the popular social network Facebook, pointing in same direction as that of a more clean and minimalist . This update is undergoing testing and has not yet been applied to all users. If we want to test it, we just go to So let’s see the changes one by one.

The first thing we noticed is that now, to the delight of all users of panoramic screens, the pages are wider and less space left blank to the sides. The two columns on each side that had been merged into a single column wide on the right. Mashable often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The News Feed has come to take precedence, dedicándonsele much more space. In addition now appears a kind of Dashboard at the top, along with our image profile, with shortcuts to the various actions that are performed frequently (Update State, Up Pictures, Post Link, etc.). Alongside our image profile. Also, the box has been transferred to the upper right corner, next to a new? Menu Privacy? in which they have joined account controls, privacy and the button to sign.

It also highlights the emergence of a “menu of applications?, With which we can have quick access at any time, all our elements installed, and also enables the disappearance of the left sidebar and better use of space on every page (not just the primary).

Now we are going with the features of the profiles, which have now been included tabs!. Yes, with the goal of eliminating these profile pages whose extension came to infinity and beyond now have a tab with that sort our profile categories. By default they are 4. One of our News Feed and Wall, which also lies the aforementioned Dashboard common stock, but with the additional detallito that we can perform these actions (Up Videos, Upgrading the state) from the same page. Also this tab? Information?, Where we find our personal data, the groups to which we belong, our pages, contact information, etc..

In the first two tabs is no room for a Sidebar on which boxes are located most important applications. The third tab is to Pictures, where are you? our photos, both of us as we have uploaded images that appear in the tagged. And finally this tab Casillas, which is where they end up all boxes of applications that we believe are not as important. But as I mentioned, we can create more tabs on them and go ordering the widgets of our applications.

And that is the expected renewal visual Facebook, although that does not include new features, is a sort of lifeline for all those who were beginning to bother with what was becoming disorderly that this social network, which whether we like it or not, has nearly tripled its number of users in the past year.