Ball Switchball

December 22, 2017


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Switchball game is about the exciting travels clone of the popular Kolobkov, it is possible to clearly see the result of the introduction of powerful accelerators from Ageia PhysX chip. The predominant goal Switch ball, is go from the initial point in end and at the same time overcoming the various obstacles in this game do not have a clear number of lives, and 1 of the regime is not restricted to a timer. On the way, put the place autosave, and not a success when you try to drag you to this point. In This computer video games has a pair of koloboks: inflatable, iron and rubber. The main innovation is a unique ball-changing, using a special charging things, like a magnet, jumping ability, great acceleration. Big Brain player almost no demand, all quite linearly and significantly. Very good method of transmission is measured and calm movements without quick movements – riding through trial and error. It happens that some parts look forbidding, but enough of a dozen attempts to measure the perfect speed, perfect to understand the direction and escape the heavy plot for a few moments.