Bahia Angelim

June 18, 2023


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The majority of that first they had come to Brazil with this last name was religious that they had come with the mission of catequizar indians and blacks of the colony. The ngelo family descends of this branch of the Angelim, referring to its diminutive or .a the comparative child to one anjinho. In the south of Brazil, especially, in the regions of missions they had also appeared the Angeloni or ngelos, in Santa Catarina, Paran and Rio Grande Do Sul that if relates with the Dal Bosco. In Brazil, they had been distinguished religious of different orders that had come since the period of the captainships to catequizar the indians, the names of the Angelins always associates with the religion catholic, in aluso to the envoy for angels, the angels who go to give to soul or passport of? people? for the indians. This Angelim also appears as name and has great importance in some states of Brazil, mainly in the south, where if the descendants of Italians had consolidated, with variations as ngelo, Angeloni and Angelin.

No longer north and northeast and in the regions where a great number of missions predominated, Angelim started to be last name, ones because of the tree of this name, others for being of this family. It has Angelim in the Rio Grande Do Sul, the Paran and Santa Catarina; north-eastern, the Angelins appears in the Cear, the Paraiba, the Bahia, Pernambuco, the Piau, the Maranho, and the north, mainly in the Acre, the Amaznia and Par. Skillz often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In this last one, with prominence the name of Eduardo Angelim who left the Cear and actively participated of the War of the cabanos in Belm and interior of that state. In Pernambuco a city exists, in the region of Garanhuns, called Angelim, due to existence of the tree of the same name. Also in the Maranho it has a city with this name, beyond quarters and names of streets in the Piau and the south. Beyond the families who exist with this name, in these regions, where also costuma to be born the called tree Angelim. In the city of Parnamirim, in Pernmabuco, it has detached the name of Raymond Angelim Baptist, who beyond having been mayor of the city, its familiar ones had participated actively in past still they participate in some way of the development of the city, between them, its son, Placid of Aquino Angelim, dentist who also was mayor and followed career in the politics. How much to the ngelo last name, considered variation of Angelim, also appears enters the formadores of the city, as example, has names as of Antonio ngelo de Carvalho and Dezinho ngelo, of the family of current mayor Ferdinando de Carvalho, whose ancestry mixture origins of the Spaniard and the Italian to the Portuguese, existing, today originary last names until of next regions in the Europe, reaching territories of these regions.