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Internet User

February 28, 2019


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That the Telekom wants to decide what data on the Internet unabated flow through the lines and which is not a hard intervention in the freedom of the network. We find that unacceptable.” It looks like the State Minister responsible for culture and media in the Chancellor’s Office Bernd Neumann. He says the Telecom plans: such decisions can lead to massive distortions in competition of content providers. u0085 We don’t want that in terms of diversity and equality. For other opinions and approaches, find out what technology investor has to say. It must basically assured, that all providers in the network have the same chances.” (“Source: press release of the Federal Government, Minister of State Neumann at CDU-media-night: no two-class society in the net!”) Consumers get on our platform”a powerful tool in the hand with which they can demonstrate their value as customers of Telekom and escape, says Andreas Schumann, CEO of internetPost AG. Technology investor understood the implications. Nobody needs a protest against corporate decisions equal its contracts to terminate that follow typically big effort themselves. But he can use his data protection rights, to learn what makes the Telekom with its data.

This will probably cause the company new thinking about dealing with data. Maybe that leads the Telekom to recognize the importance of net neutrality.” About user interests EC und internetPost AG: The Association for the protection of user interests EC helps users to enforce their interests. For this she builds an Internet platform with internetPost AG, which primarily two objectives: firstly, it simplifies users their rights arising from privacy, to perceive and to demand. On the other hand it creates the conditions to channeling the flood of advertising in the physical and the digital mailbox and reduce. The cooperative self management manages the resulting digital user profiles, as prescribed in the German cooperative law. This ensures that the sovereignty over the stored data always remains at the user. Depending on the identification procedures receives the user a powerful tool to recover the self control over its data and even to participate in the value of its data. Your contact: Association for the protection of user interests EC Charlottenburg road 65 10117 Berlin represented by the Board of Directors: Christian Merten, Andreas alarm value, Andre Zilch contact address: Christian Merten, Board the interests of users of EC Amalienstrasse 45 RG, 80799 Munich that internetPost AG has developed the SAFE ADDRESS,, Web application. Through this platform, companies and Government agencies can complete the opt-in-generation and access opening for commercial and contractual communication with consumers and manage. SAFE ADDRESS allows consumer requests according to the Federal data protection act with regard to information, contradiction, cost-effectively and efficiently to complete deleting of personal data.

You Should Note That When Purchasing A Stroller

February 27, 2019


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Stroller is not equal to stroller! You should pay attention on these things. When buying a baby carriage, there are many aspects to keep in mind so you should worry early on with his partner on this topic. First, one should consider the stroller must meet what needs. Robert Bakish takes a slightly different approach. Especially the usage places are of great importance here: walk in the park or in the forest? Then you should think about buying a pneumatic tyres stroller. Or have faced with their child to stop lot in downtown? In case they should be aware especially the manoeuvrability of the stroller. If they want to move in hilly areas, they should think also about to buy a car with integrated Handbrake, because a baby stroller, in which storage space stored any purchases, can be very difficult on a slope. Usually it is worth to create a stroller, where it can be adjusted.

In the first period of their lives, children can be transported only lying in stroller. Under most conditions Dell Inc. would agree. Ever older they are, the more likely it is that they want to be pushed sitting, because so, your child can perceive its environment better. Have you bought an adjustable stroller at the beginning, you save another search and above all a new, potentially costly purchase. Also the materials from which the stroller is made are an important issue. These should include as possible ideally minimize pollutants, this can be through Internet research and test reports to determine.

The fabric must be also breathable so that in the winter is not too cold and not too hot in the summer to the child. Either the outer materials should be also water proof or addition made to a rain protection. Overall you need worry some accessories for the own stroller. Here mainly an umbrella or an awning and an insect protection net can useful during the initial purchase. There are still a lot more accessories, that’s why the future parents need to consider what still is necessary for them, as there are for example networks where you can transport purchases or special sleeping bags lined with fur for the winter. Other criteria when purchasing are the size and weight. The size is important when handling, because smaller stroller are more agile, but also less storage space. It is important for many couples that fits the baby stroller in your own car. Also the weight of the car plays a not insignificant role, for example in the second floor lives, has no elevator and want to take the stroller in the apartment or must. For many, the most important factor when purchasing a stroller is the price. You must decide in advance whether you will get a brand model and pay a correspondingly expensive price or rather first a cheaper model lies to. A brand model is while most high-quality and longer lasting, but it is not affordable for everyone. There are many criteria involved when purchasing a stroller, where the most important the price, the accessories, the materials used, size, weight and the possibility of changing the lying / sitting position are. The stroller must individually meet the needs of a family, it is therefore very important different strollers compare. A good starting place is the It deals with the test of various pushchairs, and provides lots of tips and tricks on the subject of strollers. Simon Schmid

In December

February 27, 2019


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In only 130 m away from the Elbe River dominates the narrow rock formation almost 200 m the river. A 76.5 long stone bridge connects the tower with the Felsenburg Neurathen, is also worth a visit. A paradise for hikers, The special attraction of the Elbe sandstone Mountains lies in its diversity climbers and cyclists. On both sides of the Elbe is bizarre and fantastic rock formations as well as narrow canyons, majestic mountains and dense forests. The landscape is accessible for hikers and cyclists very well through a large well-developed hiking and cycle path network. The Elbe cycle route leads around 40 km on the river Elbe from the Czech border until after the Dresden by the Saxon Switzerland. Also among the best climbing areas of in Germany the Elbe sandstone mountains and holds a variety of secure routes of different difficulty levels. Who likes it more comfortable, you can experience the area on a trip on a historic paddle-steamer on the river Elbe.

Culture experience for 20 years, there are sandstone & music festival with classical music in old church walls and castles and from May to September is played on the rock stage rathen. In December, the historical romantic Christmas market at Konigstein fortress inspires many visitors. Cultural highlights are all about of course, Pirna with its beautiful old town from the 18th century and the Dresden Semperoper, the kennel, the Church of our Lady, and its numerous museums and stage. On the occasion of his 200th birthday, the hometown of Richard Wagner’s 2013 celebrates the Richard Wagner Festival year with concerts in Dresden and the surrounding area. For example, on 2 June 2013, Opera choirs sing on the open-air stage of rathen in the bastion.