First Car Electric Chinese

BYD E6 is the first Chinese electric car, and just received authorization from the Chinese Government to start its series production. It will begin selling in your country this semester and will disembark in United States at year end. It is not a power of the heap, it promises a lot. Why? It has 600 kg of batteries, so you have an electric range a little elevated, up to 400 km without recharging. Its lithium-ion battery technology allows fast recharges 10 minutes (50%) or an hour for a full charge. Input, better than most of its electrical competitors. It accelerates to 100 km/h in 8 seconds and reaches 160 mph of tip.

It’s a minivan with front or total traction with a cast of powers of 101 at 268 HP. It is a pure electric, it only works with electricity. The AWD versions have no mechanical connection between axes, but two electric motors. Such autonomy has a price, a very high weight, 2.375 kg unladen. To get an idea, nor the heavier version of the SsangYong Rodius weighs so much. It has five seats and a trunk of 365 liters, more worthy of a compact. You won’t have the best performance, but their efficiency is unbeatable by any competing gasoline or diesel. Its price in China is 300,000 yuan to change less than 32,000 euros.

According to the website of the project MOVELE, it could be in Europe this semester also since it says that it will hit the market on March 14, 2010. The price is not defined but is a candidate for a major grant and Plan 2000E. With a price around 24,000 euros thanks to subsidies, became candidate to fight for the segment MPV especially in people living near the city, and the cost per kilometre would be attractive. There are logical questions such as, the veracity of these figures, safety, durability, etc. Original author and source of the article.

Pegaso Classic

It said results of the Coys – auction by 24.03.2012 from March 21 to 25 again in food it’s showtime. For the 24th time the S.I.H.A.. from Herzogenrath, the world – held no. 1, the techno Classica vintage car fair. John Castle Castle Harlan has plenty of information regarding this issue. In addition to numerous car manufacturers – particularly Mercedes Benz here to mention, trying to penetrate the visitors immediately upon entering Hall 1 with his generous fair – waited countless literature and parts dealers, classic car dealers, restorers, clubs, classic car insurance and more service providers on the visitors. The Wednesday was preview, press and trade day.

From Thursday to Sunday the fair was then fully and completely the classic car fan available. Castle Harlan: the source for more info. The absolute attraction had presented the visitors of the event organizer itself, the S.I.H.A.. A world record! 21 Pegaso vehicles in one place. The largest collection of automotive tidbits from the Spanish House of Pegaso. This event is a sensation in expert circles: that between 1951 and 1958 in only 86 Pegaso built Spain – sports cars are among the rarest phenomena in the international classic – scene. We were already traditionally, again. Interesting conversations, contacts, market analysis, interviews and of course the Coys – auction at the March 24th among the compulsory program.


With this option, lifting the climber is working loading rope, fastened above the trunk, and for more rigid and stable position for positioning nib attached to a tree trunk. John K Castle contains valuable tech resources. Positioning on a tree trunk, where there are no railings. Castle Harlan gathered all the information. Rising to the workplace, Mountaineer mustache for positioning and samostrahovochnym mustache covered tree trunk or branches are strong enough. Regulates their length so that it would be convenient to stand. Feet should be working reliably abut or branches or the trunk Guffey (cats) or rope ladders.

As a result, it should be fixed by two whiskers lanyard that doubles as for positioning. Work on older trees that threaten to fall. Work on such trees can only with great caution. You can not use the trunk of a tree for insurance. Insurance in this case by a partner, a shotgun in the local loop on a nearby tree. The local loop should be fixed above running on a nearby tree so that it pendulum fall did not cause a significant impact on the trunk or branches of the tree. Can be regarded as a safe angle A runaway man of about 45 Insurance only dynamic, but on the opposite slope of the tree, with a minimum of a pendulum. Positioning on such a tree with whiskers lanyard, Gaff, 'Cats' is forbidden.

Promalp stand securely on the tree in a convenient cutting position and in the case of a fall or breaking of the tree should be on the insurance from the falling tree. If the old branches for support is too low and this situation can not be reached, cutting such a tree is prohibited. The tree should fall down completely, or using a machine to cut down parts of the cradle. Technology descent from the tree down from a tree can be called a working necessity and chance factors at work. Rafting on the railing of descent from the top of the tree can be performed on fixed ropes, using a trigger device, and insurance going down his partner through the connector in the local loop a bit above the point of attachment rails. Organization samosbrosa can be done many options, but we must take into account the high friction on the bark of the tree when removing cords, as well as the likelihood of entanglement in branches. Descent alternate moving the bottom whisker to whisker position and lanyard. The descent can be alternately descent radius for positioning and radius for lanyard. To do this, alternately load – unload mustache positioning lanyard. To unload a mustache rather stand up on a tree or a ladder. Ladder to do this vschelkivat a separate local loop, fixed on the trunk or branch of a tree to use single rope technique when working on trees is permitted only during the first ascent into the tree. In all other cases, we need to work on two ropes. This is due to the fact that in the process can easily damage its core moving rope chain saws, hacksaw.