Month: April 2016

Analyzing Potential Customers

April 19, 2016


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It was enough to analyze the behavior expected of potential customers -What language they speak, what search engines use, what words refer to our services or products, to design a good plan to allow us to reach out to these customers. A website with good usability and a careful design facilitated the transit of visitors to our website and increased the likelihood of conversion, whether it make a contact, a purchase or a partnership. Reward past customers or communicating directly to their email new offers allowed encourage cross purchase and repeated previous clients, cultivating their loyalty. And these good customers acting, its own motion, like the best relating to attract new users. All this in a more or less controlled and predictable. Then came the Web 2.0 Although general search engines are still the main window on the Internet, we can not ignore the growing importance of social networks in generating quality traffic. This is what has been called the Web 2.0 with new patterns of relationships in which consumers acquire a new role, either because they share information, forums, chats, or because they become opinion leaders or experts-blogs-either because they add their votes to reward or punish their favorite content, social bookmarking or insulted, or because produce or share your information, wikis, etc. In any case, Web 2.0 means opening for anonymous Internet users a new opportunity in which to express their opinion, where you can participate in a collaborative environment and where a significant influence on the generation fashion, trends, product reputation, brand recognition, etc..

Forbes Media

April 12, 2016


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In the media tend to highlight many people, thanks to its many holdings in the middle able to gain fame and recognition within the scope and because not until the envy and enmity with others, is as famous figures are recognized as within their community, as happens to Howard Stern, which thanks to its many holdings in media such as radio and television has earned a place in the characters important United States, with a long career where he has made many friends and some other enemy. Howard Stern was born on 12 January 1954 and became known in the world of media through the creation of a radio show done by Howard, which made for a long time playing on different radio frequencies of FM and some AOS throughout the United States, which led him to become known throughout the country, not only as radiolocutor, but might have different stakes in television as an actor and comedian, in addition to being an author. After drawing great experience in different media, Howard Stern went off the air at the level of his country, after the last transfer made on 25 December 2005 and 9th January the following year raided his show on a network accessible by subscription satellite, which is called Sirius and Howard Stern's show airs four times a week, ie from Monday through Thursday, through Howard 100, a Sirius radio station. Howard Stern deal is characterized by a sharply satirical humor, sexual, racial and even considered by many scatological, that came with a very controversial personality and the idea of expressing personal ideas always have in mind, which is one of the main points that has its program, as seen in the half by which you can express your opinion on different issues that have present. Thanks to the lifestyle of Howard Stern, was successfully converted into one of the most heard on the radio, which accompanies the fact that the character highest paid within the group of people working in radio in the United States, besides being the most acclaimed in the history of this medium. Howard Stern is his career has proclaimed as "the king of all media", which aims to make a satire singer Michael Jackson because of that this self-proclaimed "King of Pop." The recognition of Howard Stern has allowed him to receive several awards and was chosen by Time magazine as one of the 100 people that resizes the world, besides being considered by Forbes magazine as the person in the position within the tank more celebrities 2006 highlights..

International Organization

April 2, 2016


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International Organization for Standardization World Map of States with members of the ISO committees. Colors: Ex officio Members for Members concluded Other States classified ISO 3166-1, not members of the ISO The International Organization for Standardization, or ISO (Greek (isos), ‘equal’, and whose English name is International Organization for Standardization), born after World War II (23 February 1947), is the agency responsible for promoting the development of international standards of manufacturing, commerce and communication for all industries except electrical and electronics. Its main function is to seek standardization of products and safety standards for businesses and organizations worldwide. “The ISO is a network of national standards institutes of 160 countries on the basis of one member per country, with a Central Secretariat in Geneva (Switzerland) that coordinates the system.The International Organization for Standardization (ISO), headquartered in Geneva, is composed of governmental and nongovernmental delegations divided into a number of subcommittees responsible for developing the guidelines that will contribute to environmental improvement. It is not something Samsung would like to discuss. The standards developed by ISO are voluntary, understanding that ISO is a nongovernmental organization and does not depend on any other international body, therefore, has no authority to impose its standards on any country. It is composed of representatives of standards bodies (ON) nationals, which produces industrial and commercial standards. These rules are known as ISO standards and aims at the coordination of national rules in line with the Final Act of the World Trade Organization, in order to facilitate trade, exchange of information and contribute to developing common standards and transfer of technologies.