Assembly Details

Used for assembly details coming together with the equipment and the resulting debug it. Missing engine parts were brought, literally on their hands, YMZa. 1975 was the year of relocation services to major design kamaz was obtained design documentation for the cars and engines. Began production activity of diesel production in the mode of commissioning earned automatic lines, December 4, was assembled the first engine. Details and kamaz parts of diesel engines supplied by the Soviet Union when many factories. But the most memorable and most important day for all, without exception, kamaz, participated in the creation of the first engine, of course, was and remains a day of assembly first car kamaz. Of the interesting episodes related to the preparation of the first motor car, vi , designer sec, remember this.

During the assembly the power plant said Shestakov. When he was on a business trip, received a signal that the tci has stopped shipping engines to car factory because of the rubbing (after running) on the cylinder liners that do not meet the established standard. Designers have confirmed the conclusion of the tci. The situation escalated to the limit, and the discharge of its technical director of am block. After hearing all the explanations, it allow the sending engine automobile factory and signed a felt pen on the cylinder liner with rubbing, which immediately dubbed as the "Standards . And the designers have given an indication of the operation of diesel engines with liners, and test them in the hard mode.

Engines roared all night, and none of them, surprisingly, not out of order. True, they still have high oil consumption "in the frenzy." The search for the causes of the defect were at night throughout the production chain and as a result have found it. However, the "Standards " long been in the tci, and in critical situations, and they were many, Shestakov allowed to use it. In those days, had to be addressed urgently and unusual tasks, trying to get out of critical situations, and people cope with it, feeling greater responsibility for their offspring – and cars Motors KamAZ.

Bonding Of Insulation Boards

Gluing polystyrene foam insulation boards to the prepared substrate should be carried out by means of adhesives. The adhesive is applied around the perimeter insulation boards stripe width from 40 to 50 mm at a distance of about 20 mm from the edge and some bread diameter from 80 to 100 mm – in the middle of the plate. The number of adhesive composition should be such that after pressing plate area of the contact adhesive layer is not less than 40% of the Square plate. With a flat wall surface bonding insulation boards can produce-Xia for the entire plane. In this case the adhesive is applied to the surface of the insulation board with a notched trowel or trowel with teeth the size of 12 mm.

When applying adhesive to the excess must be removed from the edges of the slab to prevent the penetration of the joints in the bonding plates. Method of attaching insulation boards made of accordance with the P3 to the SNIP 03/03/01 and indicated in the draft of the work. Insulation boards are fixed with ligation of vertical joints tightly to one another from the bottom up from the basement to the eaves or the profile of the roof overhang. Plate applied to the ground, pressed down and finish a long trowel so that it was in the same plane as the adjacent slabs. The gaps between the insulation boards laid over a width of 2 mm should be filled foam. The foam should be given deep, so it will not get into the gap between the insulation boards and the wall. The excess foam after curing medium zayut knife. When designing a building insulation angles insulation board glued on the corner with an overlap of not less than the thickness of a plate, and another joined to it.

This should be provided plates bond series. Speakers of the insulation boards should be cut exactly to the different sides of the angle of turn. All joints with protruding structural elements (balcony slabs, roofs and other parts beyond the insulation system) must be filled with sealant. No sooner than 3 days after bonding insulation boards Styrofoam their surface should be treated with a rough sandpaper.