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Charlie Chaplin

January 20, 2012


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add decorations, frames, flying hearts, sparkles. With beautiful music close unnecessary words, the extra points. It turns dramatic and romantic. Mounted longer. Looks interesting.

Both of these options, in essence, – chronicle your wedding day from the was collected before the wedding garter. You will see virtually all of the events step by step. Will rejoice all the greetings at the banquet, laugh at all the competitions. Come on. Third. Nothing stands still in this world. AND wedding video, too, varies in accordance with the desires and fantasies of lovers, and creative impulses of videographers. Video photo, computer technology make radical steps forward, allowing the usual shots turned into a Hollywood film.

But then the need and the appropriate script. Just at this moment a young couple and videographer are two halves of one whole. Begin joint work, enabling you to create miracles. As you This turn of events? The task is interesting, but complicated by a number of things:-how will be a movie script? -It takes from the young? -You need a videographer? -Production time and cost of the film. You're interested and you're ready? Then, once started your wedding preparation, you meet with videographers and discussed with him the script. This can be anything: romance and from, the presence of white and black humor, as much want, up to goblin translation; style black and white movie era of Charlie Chaplin, detective series no worse "brigade." Can be done. Only need to understand that all the roles to play you, but it is already working on his own wedding. Have to be patient and allow additional time for the filming. Videographer also turn to your director and will occasionally ask to take one, take two .. The film, uniquely, would be super, but the time of its creation will take much more. Price increase. Do not worry. All is not so scary. Even if the script is very simple: Fees groom, waiting for the bride, redemption and so on until the end of the banquet, special effects and romantic clip all – equal to decorate your movie, and you feel: this film is for you. To summarize. So what should be your wedding movie? The answer is simple: you decide, and we'll help you with this and support it. We are interested in that you have enjoyed and the joy of watching a movie now and many years later. The question remains open! Please send us your feedback and opinions. Good luck! Source

Current Trends

January 19, 2012


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A. Fashion and styles of interior design "Fashion always reflects reality and is closely followed. In our life consists of technological progress, and acute problem of ecology, democracy and globalization. Humanity badly feels the transience of life because of something and increases the value of human existence and comfort. In addition, increased culture and material well-being, and certainly ambitious. We – individuals, aristocrats and intellectuals – are becoming bolder and freer.

All this will certainly affect the way we live and, with respect to the subject, affect, and in our house. So what should be home today modern man? Of course, each of us, chooses the conditions in which it exist and what style to follow. But we live in the 21 century, and must use the unique capabilities of modern life. B. Luxury and wealth today in interior fashion dominates luxury! But now the luxury you need to add technology: LED, printing from digital media, nanotechnology, and stereolithography … News and exaggerated, even huge – furniture and decor items. Also, again popular attributes such luxuries as stucco and brilliance, but brilliance is not as open as before, but aged and hearts. Carving, engraving, antique patina …

In honor such interior styles as eclectic and fusion, which combine the different textures, objects, style solutions, and even culture. Past, present and future intersect today in a temporary space. There are "glam-baroque" and "soft minimalism". Designers draw Today my eyes in the 50's – 80 years. They are interested scratched and chipped things with history, vintage items on the shabby …

Reading Electronic Texts

January 1, 2012


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Anyone who even slightly interested in modern gadgets will certainly familiar with this device as an electronic book. Despite the fact that these devices are rather highly specialized, they continue confidently to grow in popularity, although maybe not as fast as we would like to producers. E-book – this is not the same thing as an ordinary handheld computer, there are many differences. The main thing I would like to call – this is e-paper technology used in the device. By contrast, and clarity of the text is not worse, at least, like newsprint. Conventional monitors are not even close to such a contrast can pass. The second advantage e-book – great battery life.

From 8 to 10 thousand turning – a lot, does not it? It would seem that the device simply wonderful. Library with them, and do not need to worry if you forget this time to charge the battery. But is it all smooth? For starters, the price of such poor capabilities to devices at the level of handheld computers, if not the cost of laptops. This cost includes a few more options than just reading e-books. If the communicator – this is two in one, then the e-book you'll need at least one other separate pocket.

Reader is also quite easy to break. A very common failure – a broken screen. A repair of this damage can fly to a considerable amount. But the growth of the market such incidents do not stop. Among today's most popular chitalok are several models – is gaining momentum iPadLbook eReader V3, PocketBook 301 and others. Firmware – that's what distinguishes the main a lot of books from each other. Displays the majority – from the same manufacturer. If you are not so important usability – select a device in appearance. Reading room can make a purchase in a large number of locations. You can go to the store and You can order some online (for example PocketBook 301 can be purchased at Analogues of this site abound – just use the search engine. Now gaining (or maybe already lowers) speed reader from Apple – iPad. Today, it is expensive and rather ambiguous looking device on a network many people. You can verify this by looking at the statistics Vordstat from a Yandex. But how many people buy this unit for more than 30 thousand dollars? Many are not sure revolutionary this gadget. But everyone has to choose himself.