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November 20, 2011


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About Karate Karate – a traditional Japanese martial art. Literally, the term "Karate" can be translated as "the way of the empty hand", ie disarmed hand. Such writing was first suggested by Gichin Funakoshi. Karate originated in Okinawa, regularly trading with Japan and China. Martial arts were practiced in Okinawa, mainly among immigrants from China. Obviously in this environment and was born karate (incidentally, the original write "karate" could be translated as "the way of Chinese hand".

There are many legends about the fact that karate originated in response to hostile actions of the Japanese invaders on the island (in particular the prohibition production and carrying any weapons). In the early XX century, a mass emigration of the people of Okinawa in Japan (due to the difficult economic situation on the island). However, until the 1920s in Japan Karatedo was ignored … History of Style Style Karate Shito-Ryu is one of the oldest styles of Okinawan karate. The founder of the style is Kenwa Mabuni who had studied the great masters of karate-do Itosu "Anko" Yasutsune (the direction of Shuri-te) and Kanryo Higaonna (Naha-te direction). In the name of the style of Shito-Ryu encrypted first hieroglyphs of names of Itosu and Higaonna, and the emblem of Shito-Ryu uses the emblem of the family Mabuni.

Itosu was a man of great physical strength. Apart from his native Okinawan dialect of Japanese, he also spoke fluently Japanese and Chinese. There is a version that was first created by Itosu kata (forms of Chinese martial arts have been extremely difficult for the people of Okinawa). It is believed in Shito-Ryu Itosu came from the force, the linear technique, while from Higaonna – technology is soft, partly using the kinetic energy of the opponent. After the death of Mabuni Kenwa in 1952 it took over his life to the numerous disciples and followers. Original school is Shito-Ryu Shito-Kai, headed by the son of master and apprentice Keney Mabuni Manzo Iwata. The style of Shito-ryu style is among the top four major styles, which also includes the Goju-ryu, Shotokan and Wado Ryu. In the style of Shito-Ryu kata paid much attention. Shito-ryu today These days the style of Shito-Ryu is very popular. There are many varieties of sub-genres, and schools. Held Numerous national and international style competition. At the same time, athletes from the Shito-Ryu win prizes at competitions in karate obschestilevyh. Links Section Karate Shito-Ryu in Balashikha Interregional Federation of Karate-do Shito-Ryu

Best Free Software For Your Netbook

November 13, 2011


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If you have purchased an inexpensive notebook, the more likely you will not want to waste money on expensive software. For this reason, it makes sense to use free software for your notebook. In this article I would like to acquaint you with the best free programs that you can use on your netbook today. Open Office is the best free office suite that you can install on your notebook. It's better than paying for an expensive license to Microsoft Office. In addition, on a netbook, you can also use online resources to create and edit documents, such as Google Docs and do all your work with documents in the browser. Even though that These solutions are free, they will work better than commercial versions.

To protect against viruses, you can also use the free program. The best, in my opinion, free antivirus is AVG. In addition to anti-virus AVG You can install the free version of Malwarebytes, which finds and removes malicious software, which usually can not remove anti-virus software. Together, these two programs will protect your PC from most potential problems. Dropbox is one wonderful program, which is very convenient to use on a netbook.

Free version of Dropbox gives you a few gigabytes of online storage, you can store data on the Internet and synchronize them between multiple your computers. To view multimedia files recommend using VLC player. It plays almost all formats and uses minimal system resources. VLC player is the perfect solution for a netbook. Also recommend you take a look at this overview of free video players. If you need to edit your photos or images, you can use Gimp. To edit photos right in your browser is useful to you program called Pixlr. However, note that if you edit lots of photos at once, your notebook should have a fairly large amount of RAM.

Development Control Tools

November 7, 2011


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This does not mean that from the Basic Editor is recommended to refuse. The best option yalyaetsya use it to test ideas' supplies and then reprogramming the latest in Windows-program, if the ideas well implemented and the work justifies itself. Analyzing the content of specific requirements, you will notice that only some of them can be fully automatically controlled or implemented. Other requirements include provisions that prevent the possibility of their automatic controls or incarnation because of vagueness or inaccurate statements. This problem may occur also due to the fact that referred to the specific requirements of the project sites or their data are not included in the survey or provided for through changes in components of OLE.

It should be noted that the number of inaccessible, and so more immutable objects and their properties is quite large and the desire to solve completely all the tasks hardly feasible. But with the help of some neopisyvaemyh Mentor Graphics devices can still further the number of minimirovat problems that remain unsolved. Not all the specific requirements for the design of PP suggest that implementing or kotroliruyuschie their implementation tools should communicate with the documents in which these requirements are set out. Typically about half of the requirements can be implemented by specialized "autonomous" instruments associated only with the current project. In order to implement or monitor the implementation of the second half of prescriptions requires communication with the external design documents. As justification for the connection can be given at least two arguments. The first of these – the impossibility of representation of specific requirements in a logical or mathematical form for inclusion in kompyuternuyu program.

The second argument is a consequence of the first: non-translatable into the language of programming requirements should be promptly and in a convenient way to provide PP developer, who must learn them, understand them, implement or monitor compliance. Only the speed and convenience of displaying the specific design requirements hardly justifies need to develop tools, modules syazyvayuschih PADS with other programs. Significant, and perhaps decisive additional positive attribute of such tools is to give them the opportunity to select from untranslatable to the programming language requirements still translated fragments, and using it much easier for developers to implement PP does not accurately or are not specifically set out the requirements. At planning process of integration modules to PADS software environment of an enterprise should from the very beginning to take seriously the question of the organization use a lot of new tools PADS. Otherwise, the developer PP may be easier and faster (although at the expense of quality) to solve the current problem, so to speak, the old-fashioned, manually, rather than spend time searching for a new suitable tool in the form of a program or Windows-Basic Script. Practice shows that one of options for optimum organization use a lot of tools is the correct distribution of functions between the Basic Scripts and Windows-based programs. Taking into account the fast and direct access to Basic Scripts of PADS, it is expedient to use them to create a menu (that contain the word, if necessary, and a brief description of the programs), of which then cause Windows-program. References: 1.PADS Layout Help, PADS Layout 2005 SPac1. 2.Klimenko VS, Development Control and Information tool for PADS,

Amount Cost

November 6, 2011


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For the purpose of calculation and thus employees the amount earned over time with a sign 'Supplement to the average', the user should press the button 'Create the destination charges for the initial documents' and select' Generate accrual for bonuses. " At this mode, personnel with the report card time with a sign 'supplement to medium' or 'light work' (depending on the value of 'Creating extra cost to the average' on the edit form system-wide information) to the tab 'Charges for surcharges' panel will add more information calculated duplicate charges involved in calculating the amount paid at the average wage. You can check the resulting calculation for each employee. If necessary, on this tab, you can remove the extra charges, or to make adjustments to the calculated amount in a standard way. When you send a payment received in settlement department for the purpose of calculating the amount and the additional cost to the average wage, you can print and submit to the accounting department document 'Statement of charges for the additional cost to the average' which contains the transcript of the amounts assessed for each employee.

An example of the formation of additional cost to the average worker in the new method, which has PTAs 5.35 UAH. Worked during the month: time – 127 hours., 8 of them per hour. with a surcharge to the average, by the piece (individual outfits) – 32 per hour., of which 32 per hour. on rates with a surcharge to the average wage, night-time – 8:00., 8 of them per hour.