May 16, 2016


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Before you tireis my neck to use as a holder extremist DEIS you ask me a chance, because when you read the entry termineis you will agree me. The death of email about this, and I say this because if not, but because I have seen a number of things lately that have led me to believe this.

Do not get me wrong, work environments bet that will never lose your email because it is probably the most direct tool of communication. You give and ready to send in a matter of seconds your partner department has that information I was looking for. However staff in the field believe that the remaining two email news.

Tuenti and Facebook (and other social networks, of course) are the murderers in this case. I do not remember the last time a friend of the real life of me send an email to Hotmail. But I look at my private messages or Facebook Tuenti and is full of them. The explanation is very logical, most people enter into their favorite social networks several times a day. Just look at the profile of your friends have the option of sending a private message in plain text, and a way to fast.

The truth is that, seeing it in perspective, I think the mail calo never too deep outside the workplace. Most people use it, or used, because it was the closest thing to direct communication. Also sure to more than one sounds a typical situation where a friend called to ask if you’ve read your mail.

Also I invite you to review your personal inbox, to see how many emails you have that are not chains or notices warning of any web service. Like I’m wrong and you email is a lot of years, but much has to change the landscape for that to happen. I think that’s definitely out of work environments, email is dead.