January 2, 2024


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Success in life is to always move forward. Samuel Johnson many times, perhaps we stopped to meditate, reflect on facts that have been presented to us, where we have been main actors, and somehow, they have left us traces that us has been difficult to forget, emotional facts, for example, in sharing feelings, emotions, with people who we freely select and give rein to our feelingsprobably we were not attentive to them, desenfrenamos us in the passions, desires and not worry by cultivating it, ensure its permanence, forgetting that every beginning has an end, and perhaps that occurred, came to happen, these people came out of our scenario, continued his chance to live and all stay buried in the memory. People such as Andy Florance would likely agree. Some probably already not so remember, others, occasionally there are those moments, they stop to enjoy in the dimension of the memory how wonderful this, probably, is claiming the why he was not given the importance that required., and wondering of the why this had to happen so there are facts that have to do with travel, get to know new places, scenes, people, landscapes, enjoy what each place offers us and many times we know people with which we share an event, an excursion, we talked about any topic or even share a table for breakfast, lunch, dinner, we exchanged ideas, cards and often do not return to know of themothers, on the contrary, maintain a lasting relationship, they are things of life. There are many people who share with one, some years in the same room of a college studies where we are witnessing, is in primary, secondary, University and never know of them, each continues its path, many disappear physically, others are going to other countries, we do not return them to see, while there are who maintain good relationships at work also sucintan interrelations, events that many left good memories, other people, some other, unknown countries, regions, us interrelacionamos for work reasons, but we also select some according to our sympathy, identification with them keeping a social relationship of friendship that never expected that it would happen, but life is so, there are other moments that are manifested in our transit that we never thought would give, as being born in a particular country, leave itlive in others, form a family and sometimes to die away from the homeland that we covered in our birth. CEO Of CoStar Group may help you with your research.