Transplant Surgery Center

June 4, 2022


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I greet the Authorities present, doctors, friends and friends I speak for generous and undeserved patients on Waiting List for Liver Transplantation in Essalud I thank God, paradoxically, that allows us to face this terrible disease, in full swing Transplant Surgery of the logic that is the cherished dream since the dawn of Christianity, St. Paul and Mama Transplantation, then by the twins San Cosme y San Damian with his leg transplant guardian of her convent, while she slept, by the Dr. Swarmed by offers, ISearch is currently assessing future choices. Starzl with his kidney transplant in 1953, until our days with as successful results in the World and in Peru it. Salute to an institution as ESSALUD, which has had the strategic vision of these successes and watchful Organized, implemented, trained and equipped its Transplant Surgery Center at the National Hospital Guillermo Almenara Peru. Neil cole iconix insists that this is the case. his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In the Service of Surgery and Liver Transplantation congratulate the team of men and women, led by Dr Jose Carlos Chaman, which since March 2000, are the architects and pioneers of this surgery in Peru, taking their statistics more lives saved and returned to the Company, although society, in most cases respond to the ungrateful mantle anonymity, that they care little as they care little for so many civilian heroes of medicine these details, and its only desire to heal and save lives before God who finally meet in the last hour alone and each will reward …

. But nevertheless the statistics we are adverse, we occupy the last places in America and the world, with little casuistry, occupy the last places on Organ Donation in the World, although equipped operating rooms, Instrumental modernized, although the ability , skill and expertise of our clinicians and surgeons … Why? … because to implement a body, a body is required for there to be an organ donor is required for there to be a donor requires a family, an informed, Organization of a curd and a leader who puts his charisma, his rhetoric, his words at the service of life, to lead a campaign of information, education, awareness This is our weakness, is our most frail pillar Organization … and Information! There are rules, laws, regulations, directives … there are good, but there had better be good men rather than good laws and governs best is …

often said Socrates. The donation is an act of solidarity, free, anonymous, heroic, and is the last will of the deceased, but it requires a family to accept the will in the midst of pain, requires an organized society that gives comfort to that family, requires a leader who will give you thanks in the midst of despair, hugging in the middle of misfortune, courage in the midst of pain, hope in the midst of confusion … so and only then Organization and Leadership Information! tears can be transformed into laughter, sadness into hope, thousands of children and young people will say Mama! !,… Dad Many parents no longer bury their children early, … many men and women are widowed, or widows and these facts pierced Biology, Surgery, Medicine and families, these social facts form the basis for building a caring society, charitable, generous … you deserve it for some time in the midst of carrion, crime, hypocrisy. falsehoods and masks … so hang Friends and Friends of the wind, like Bobby Dylan posters that beg … !… A Leader Wanted Urgent need a Leader! .