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Chrome Sense OS .. Hardware

January 5, 2022


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There have been many comments after the departure of the IPAD, lengthy discussions have personally received in my Twitter publications by colleagues to mention my interest in acquiring the device, well, a new horizon appears very far after the departure of this device hated by many, loved by others, Chrome OS. Chrome OS, for those who do not know, is the operating system developed by Google which exploits the capabilities of the cloud, leaving behind desktop applications and taking advantage of the office suite of Google Apps, mail, communications and others. Well, when it was announced a couple of months ago was not really in the operating system against the current competition OSx and Windows, because for some to think the cloud only need to work and be productive, is far from a reality near you. (Although I admit that most of my services are working in the cloud, in fact, if I have no internet, no turn on my computer.) But still could not be placed at the level of traditional operating systems at this time with IPAD output and a limitations, Chrome OS PTO and is seen as a strong competitor to use the device as you come to meet all current absence from IPAD. And this if google would be a success of it and the battle would be between the device itself, but the operating system you use, the various homes of these devices and begin a battle of hardware to ensure the best user experience, IPADE be hacked and would be able to install the Chrome OS, Sony, Samsung, HTC and many others show their models and their boxes say: a Compatible Chrome OSA . n. Yesterday I saw a video which would be the user’s experience with Chrome OS installed on an IPAD, is just a show, but look good. The cards are served, the possibilities expand, a new niche is emerging with the release of a table, hopefully he will be placed on the cutting edge when comparing sales performance functionality and price.