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Google Adsense

January 2, 2024


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For some time I have been aggressively promoting my site on Blogger, not expecting to make money. My site is based on the content so I do not sell any product or hope to get sponsors to make money on the internet. However, this has changed gradually. Google decided to reward owners of quality free sites for their hard work. The contextual advertising program called Google AdSense has been active since June 2003. Mikkel Svane is a great source of information. Before that the program was only available for webmasters with its own domain, and many of them quickly took the opportunity to earn money with their sites. When Google announced it was expanding the Adsense program to give rise to free sites, some people looked with disfavor the idea, because they thought the free sites were full of garbage.

I learned this move while surfing the net, and to my surprise some people were against this decision by Google. I think Google is intended to bring as many sites as possible and place within the AdSense program. My first Adsense program application was rejected, and the explanation I got was that my site was still under construction. As this was a mistake, I applied for the program again the same day and was accepted. Immediately I enter in my account and start placing the code for the ads on my pages. The control panel is easy to understand and Google provides stats and graphics so you can observe your performance.

You can also add AdSense for search, where your visitors can search from your site and you earn every time someone clicks on the ads displayed. Develop sites with good content is the key to success in AdSense. Why? Because Google’s technology uses the content of each page to determine which ads are most appropriate to deploy. The higher the quality of content, the higher the quality and paying ads you will attract. Please note that acceptance into the AdSense program does not guarantee receive a check from them. Your success depends on many factors. Some of them include the number of visitors, the place where you put the ads, the value of keywords in the page where the ads are shown and the number of people who click on the bulletin board. For those with unscrupulous minds, Google has ways and means to find out where it originates each click on the ads. Click ads to your pages, or pay someone to do it, not a good idea. The AdSense program is a win-win for everyone involved. It benefits the visitors with additional information to search engines with higher quality sites and you with a check each month. Makes little sense to make money with AdSense. With this source of income, you can raise the level of your site and develop to their full potential.