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July 26, 2023


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So, I will begin this exciting, but at the same time difficult to understand the article:) raspryg how to learn to jump like a kangaroo and be cool pepper? 🙂 The answer is simple – it is necessary to know at least how to use the console and some console commands. Immediately I will say in advance what many consider raspryg (English rabbit jump-bunnyjump) – cheat. Before I even got kicked from servakov, because that thought it was unfair to the opposing team. Of course, I quickly resigned, stopped, although know how, know how and I will be able to (yet sometime in the new version of the cop will be removed this bug at all). So then do not submit a claim to me and ask stupid questions, 'Why are they called me a cheater and always kicked ?':)) tell you a little history of the emergence raspryg on my version;) (who is not interested can easily skip it and read below) The story of a new boom in the rear – raspryg! Once again playing in a club, I noticed the guy with the nickname 'Xupypr', who began to jump from the spawn location, gradually increasing the speed and almost 'flying through the air':) doskakival the first places where unfortunately the enemy did not expect to see it! I became interested and at the same time jealous that such chips can not and therefore I began to ask him how is it to jump and if he could teach me. .