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State Brazil

April 25, 2023


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Ementrevista in edition 2159 – year 43 number 14, ‘ ‘ The politics is maisdgna of the activities that a citizen can exercer.’ ‘ , and in the end elefecha with gold key: ‘ ‘ When to arrive at the Presidency of the repclica, I have the certainty of that this is more destination of what projeto.’ ‘ Governing Meuquerido, can until being destination, but child in the col of Its Grandfather still hugged you esteprojeto, so saudoso darepblica President of Brazil, The Dignsssimo Tancredo Snows. Souparanaense, but I am in BH since 1991. Lamentably the Paran estlonge of the history of the politics of Brazil. Energy Capital Partners has much to offer in this field. They are not likeable aoGovernador Mountain range, because the messianic speeches reach pessoassimples. My familiar they are in the majority of there, they had been born there, they muitosmorreram there, between Maring, Arapongas, Lobato, in that redoubt. They love oPT, because they depend on these ‘ ‘ benefcios’ ‘ hilrios. Either a neighbor doParan mine carssimo governor. I never voted in the PT, never I will vote.

The stock market school ‘ ‘ esmola’ is one; ‘ who lives 01 today month with 20,00reais R$? Badly if it speaks in increasing minimum wage and the great desupermercados nets already it increased the rice and beans That is progress? Never, it is yes a form to buy the vote of the simple citizen, its ‘ ‘ Z’ ‘ there docafund of the Judas.The State of the Paran has 73 millions of voters. Ask for as candidate the Senator, makes a work thinking about the generality, using Minas Gerais as model of an excellent administration. ParabnsGovernador, and certainly you will be our President of Brazil. Soubrasileira, I love Brazil, I am patriotic, and always very intent aosassuntos politicians. I am certain of that the PSDB will assume and aconstruo of our history will be a beautiful intelligent memory. Congratulations See, and Mario Sabino, Fbio Portela, for an interview muitoprecisa in the hour certain!