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June 6, 2023


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When we have ventures in line are thousands things that we need to be outstanding, and one of them is the post quality content on our blog so people who come to your blog can appreciate what we do, what we have or offer and of course our quality of professionalism compared to what we do. People often me consult with regard to what would be the amount of time I have to take into account to publish articles in my blog, if it is useful to publish an article every day, two or three per week or one each month. This topic was also my question at the beginning, then with the passage of time and practice I left realizing times and processes suitable for publishing articles taking into account the results obtained according to a certain period of time. Generally to determine a period of publication of the articles in our blog must have a series of considerations, which are for example:-If we are starting with our blog, we are at the stage in that what we seek is generally to popularize us, make us known or reaching the largest number of people who surf the Web, the convenient in this case is to publish a journal article referred exclusively to our niche market. But here our job is not over, this is still in its infancy, as what we want is to reach the largest number of people we need to integrate our publication of articles with social media for example, publish our articles on facebooks or Twitter links; at the same time use social bookmarking so that our articles to be marked can be shared with others on the web, we can use BlinkList, Delicious, Digg and StumbleUpon. Now it might seem that this is enough but it is also convenient that the articles that you have in your blogs, modify them slightly, and also post them in directories of articles such as articulo.org and articuloz.com in this way your popularity began to spread by other means or channels since these sites already have their positioning won and the traffic they receive is really quality and quantity.