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Educational Games

May 24, 2021


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In order to improve the temporary direction it will be necessary to direct to the efforts to the memorstico work and the accomplishment of problems of different difficulty using material from support like toy currencies, strips or comiditas. At symbolic level, it will be necessary to work with games of fitness cerebral that imply to discriminate between figures, to surround the correct answer, to say which weight more, etc. Finally, at mental level will be necessary to reinforce the concepts of conservation, internalization and reversibility in operations and mathematical problems. The new technologies can be the key When parents and professionals (masterful, psychologists and psicopedagogos) try to help a person who presents/displays mathematical problems, habitually usually use graphical materials of standardized type and of graphical type, like booklets blond or materials of reinforcement preparations by different publishing houses; nevertheless these materials normally are rejected with hardness by the boy. Normally the boy who goes to a support classroom, to a cabinet or that feels behind schedule with its parents each after the school is tired to solve problems and to conduct operations in format paper. More information is housed here: Louis Monier.

Before this situation he would be of much utility to use alternative forms of intervention that motivated the boy such as to make prescriptions of kitchen in which it must divide or realise changes of units or propose interactive games to him in different pages educative Webs. One is not due to forget that the children of the 21st century are native digitalises and that the school still does not use the technologies of habitual form in the classes but like a prize or a special situation. By this it is extremely important to offer to the boy activities that they use the format preferred by him: the technology. It is necessary to indicate that in no case a computer game or a page Web can replace to happen making in the kitchen Co behind schedule mother or papa magdalenas, or at least would not have, but given to the importance of the repetition and daily practice necessary to overcome the learning problems, can be a creative, different and very effective solution so that a small native digitalis is put at the level of the classroom.