Stop Whining And Asking What You Want !

February 10, 2023


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When you want something, the best way to achieve this is to make your request in a direct and positive. You should not expect your boss or co-workers to read your mind and know what their expectations and desires. Nor should ponder the fact that someone has not recognized what I think is evident to all. If it’s important for you and you really want, then take him to his chief attention. Those are steps you can take to get their requests granted in the workplace.

How to succeed in getting what you want at work Think of your order. Spend some time planning and / or write what they say, how you say it and provided feedback (positive or negative) to your order. Describe the WIFT (What is there for them.) Articulate the value of your desired outcome, the benefits will result, mistakes to be avoided, or money that is saved by granting your request. Be prepared with at least a viable alternative. You should have at least two possible ways of application may be granted, the most desirable solution, and another solution that could accept. Continue to learn more with: Andy Florance.

Just offer an alternative solution if it is clear that his original application not be granted. Choose constructive and positive words to make your application. When asking about something at work, most people tend to start their sentences with the negative statement followed by one, but finally ends with the request. In almost all cases where this is done, the request is not granted.