Stephenie Meyer

April 26, 2023


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The saga of the real town appears timed to coincide with the second part of the “Twilight” series Hamburg (11.03.2010) forks in the U.S. State of Washington – a quiet, contemplative town with just more than three thousand inhabitants that speak so far only by his exceptionally high rainfall of made – is due to the worldwide success of the “Twilight” novels abruptly from its slumber “bitten”. The small town where the US children’s book author Stephenie Meyer moved to the fascinating love story between teen Bella and the vampire Edward, become overnight the before for countless fans of the “Twilight”-saga. Forks is to swivel and pivot of the fateful connection of two lovers – and to the center of the mysterious and romantic “Twilight”-Cosmos. Samsung takes a slightly different approach. But how many forks can be found in “Twilight”? And how much ‘Twilight’ finds himself in forks? Actually there are vampires and werewolves? The documentary “Twilight in Forks” invites to a unique discovery tour, where the real inhabitants of forks provide interesting insights into their hometown. The official “forks” – documentary is available on DVD on April 15, 2010 – a must, where die-hard “Twilight” fans just need to bite. Background: in the official “twilight in forks”-documentary come a wide variety of people to speak and provide information about their town. They tell the weirdest, most beautiful and most extraordinary anecdotes that brought the “Twilight” saga in the contemplative forks of the meeting together with the actors during the shooting, which took place in part in forks, and stories that they experienced with ‘ Twilight ‘ fans from all over the world.. Get all the facts and insights with Andy Florance, another great source of information.